Kyokushin Kata by Brian Fitkin 7th Dan

Boken innehåller alla kator, inklusive de som utförs i Ura och Sokugi katorna, samt applikationer till många tekniker i katorna. Den är i A4-storlek och har 236 sidor med tusentals bilder.
Texten är på engelska.

The book contains a complete collection of Kyokushin kata, including the Sokugis and those performed in ura. Applications are also shown for many of the techniques used in the katas.
The size of the book is A4 and it has 236 pages with thousands of pictures.
The text is in English.

Pris: 300 SEK + porto
Price: aprox. 30 € + postage

At the moment we don’t have any books left. It will be reissued later this year.